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Thank you for considering Family Foot and Ankle Specialists for your foot and ankle wellness care.

Our goal is to make your visit as easy and as less complicated as possible. That is why we are dedicating this section to provide you links to various resources that will make you feel very comfortable choosing our practice. 

We understand how important your appointment with your podiatrist doctor is to you, so we believe that the best way to get the most out of your visit is be prepared for it. This preparation consists of having the details your doctor will require from you along with having the ability to collect the information that you get from your podiatry doctor.

This is why we are providing you with the following suggested preparation ideas to help you get the most out of your podiatry appointment.

Please let us understand if there is anything we can do to further enhance your experience. We eagerly anticipate your visit with us here at Family Foot and Ankle Specialists at any of our offices.

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3. Other things to consider

Caution: Please note that the information we provide on these pages is not intended as a substitute for any instruction or advice given to you from a board certified medical professional, our staff, or a representative from the Family Foot and Ankle Specialists.

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