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Don’t Live-Dependent and Distressed- with Foot and Ankle Pain

“Living with foot and ankle problems doesn’t just paralyze your life, it also causes distress and despair.” 

This was the experience of one of the many patients of the Family Foot and Ankle Specialists practice, the foot and ankle surgeons serving the Wyandotte and Oak Park areas.

In her words, “With my gout problems, I experienced feelings of despair and a loss of hope. I was living a paralyzed and dependent life, where everyone was just sympathizing with me. Until my close friend suggested Family Foot and Ankle Specialists, the foot and ankle doctors at Oak Park.” A Recent Patient

Family Foot and Ankle Specialists Help You Regain Independence

Another patient remarked:

“When I visited Family Foot and Ankle Specialist at Wyandotte podiatry, it completely changed my life. The caring staff, safe, and friendly atmosphere gave a welcoming feel which I instantly felt. The Foot and Ankle Specialist at Wyandotte attentively listened to my concerns, performed a thorough examination, and showed real empathy to my feelings. They understood that living with gout was not easy and prescribed a treatment for which I am still thankful, even eleven years later.”

This is the story of just one patient who regularly visited us for gout treatment and is now living a happy and healthy life, completely satisfied with our treatment. We have thousands of satisfied patients, happy to share their story with you once you visit our Wyandotte or Oak Park Podiatry Practice.

More About Family Foot and Ankle Specialists in Wyandotte and Oak Park

With more than 100 years of combined experience, Family Foot and Ankle Specialists has Wyandotte and Oak Park areas most experienced, board-certified foot and ankle surgeons. Our team of six doctors and specialists are trained in the most up-to-date podiatry treatment and surgical techniques meant to restore your health and enhance the quality of your life. Our highly qualified and experienced podiatrists provide specialized care and treatment for your particular foot and ankle conditions.

The treatments we commonly offer to our patients are:

As you might expect, the varieties of these conditions may be treated at either of our two offices. However, for foot and ankle conditions requiring surgical treatment, our doctors have access to the most prestigious hospitals in the Wyandotte and Oak Park areas including:

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Educating and Caring for Our Patients Before Providing Treatment

We believe in developing strong doctor-patient relationships, which then becomes the basis of an optimal foot and ankle care treatment plan. Before prescribing a treatment, we perform a detailed consultation and examination, so we have a clearer picture of the condition or problem our patient is suffering from. We will listen carefully to your concerns, and ensure you have a clear understanding of your condition. Our expert foot and ankle doctor will then provide you with comprehensive information about the treatment options available. This will help you make an informed decision.

Comprehensive Range of Podiatry Treatments

At the Family Foot and Ankle Specialists practice, we offer a wide range of podiatry treatments to address a variety of foot and ankle concerns. Whether you suffer from gout, athlete’s foot, heel pain, arthritis, diabetic foot, sports injuries or any other foot and ankle conditions, we offer a treatment plan fit for your needs. Our foot and ankle doctor at Wyandotte and Oak Park ensure that you get the optimal level of care and treatment, customized according to your treatment requirements.

Family Foot and Ankle Specialists Doctors & Support Staff

Our Support Sta​ff

The staff of the Family Foot and Ankle Specialists practice are cordial, loving and caring. Our educated and experienced staff ensure that you are taken care of from the time you set foot in our facility until the completion of your treatment. As trained, educated and experienced staff looks after our practice you receive consistent guidance and care with love and compassion. Every case is different so our knowledgeable staff will prepare a personalized care plan just for you. 

But don’t take our word for it. This is the type of feedback we routinely receive from our patients:

"Absolutely love the Drs and all of their assistants. They explain everything to you in a way that you understand everything. It's the only place I'll go for any foot or ankle problems."
Dr. Brian McManus
Dr. McManus is an avid Cleveland sports fan who enjoys cheering for all Cleveland teams with extreme passion, win or (most of the time) lose. He specializes in Wound care, Preventative diabetic foot care, common foot and ankle injuries, Elective surgeries (bunions, hammertoes, and soft tissue lesions).
Dr. Audrey Nasser
Growing up in Florida Dr. Nasser was a childhood actor that did commercials for Disney, and was a Barney Kid, and even was on the cover Of a magazine with Shaquille O’Neal. His experience with ankle and knee injuries ignited his interest in podiatry medicine. Today Dr. Nassers’ focus is in Foot and ankle reconstruction, Diabetic limb salvage, Ankle joint replacement certified, Sports injury and trauma, Wound care specialist.
Dr. Ernest Sorenson
Dr. Sorenson enjoys running half marathons, playing classical guitar, spending time outdoors with family. Dr. Sorenson specialize in Diagnosis of pathology of the foot and ankle, Elective and non-elective surgery of the foot and ankle including trauma, In office and OR based procedures for ingrown toenails, warts, and skin lesions
Dr. Alexandrea Marshall
Podiatry allowed Dr. Marshall to be a surgeon and clinician within the same career. She specializes in Wound care, Preventative diabetic foot care, common foot and ankle injuries, Elective surgeries (bunions, hammertoes, and soft tissue lesions)
Dr. Mohammad Khalil
Dr. Mohamad Khalil is a highly-esteemed, well-trained, and experienced foot and ankle doctor. He provides specific care and performs various foot and ankle surgical correction procedures with professional expertise.He specializes in performing foot and ankle surgeries for various conditions due to fractures, arthritis, diabetes, ulcers, heel spurs, flat foot, hammertoes, bunions, and many others. He also specializes in minimally invasive surgical techniques for treating Foot and Ankle conditions, like chronic plantar fasciitis.
Dr. Nsima Usen
With extensive experience in Podiatry, Dr. Usen is the expert at forefoot and rearfoot reconstruction surgery, including specific injuries due to fractures, arthritis, diabetes, ulcers, heel spurs, flat foot, hammertoes, bunions, and many others. He is a passionate foot doctor and enjoys a highly esteemed reputation in the field of podiatry. Dr. Usen completed his Fellowship in Podiatric Foot and Ankle Surgery from St. Vincenz and Elizabeth Hospital in Germany. He completed his Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Surgery residency at the Detroit Medical Center and received his medical degree from Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia, PA.

...And Our Patients really do appreciate our Doctors


“Our podiatrist sent us to Dr. Khalil for a second opinion for my husband; we can't thank him enough for sending us to such an amazing doctor. Dr. Khalil, with his knowledge and experience, did everything to make me and my husband satisfied and comfortable with his findings. My husband had a successful surgery performed by Dr. Khalil, and he patiently explained everything to me after completing the surgery. I can’t thank Dr. Khalil enough for his treatment and behavior; I really wish all podiatrists were like him, so caring for patients and their health.”
Sue H.


“In the beginning, I felt scared, but my fear went away immediately when I met the doctor. Dr. Nsima Usen is (a) very kind-hearted person of soothing nature. He talked to me in a friendly and compassionate tone which instantly built my trust in him. I have suffered from foot pain for over 5 years and visited several doctors before my consultation with Dr. Usen. None of them showed the knowledge and confidence as my favorite foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Usen. The practice staff in the Wyandotte office is also beyond my expectation. They returned my phone calls, following through with getting things done. Thank you all.” Mechel


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